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Ages 9-11

This age group is a great time to begin skills!

Our training is developmentally appropriate by age group and individual personality.
Developmentally speaking, kids ages 9-11 are considered middle childhood. This age group should begin to focus more on becoming a well-rounded athlete with improving personal habits, including physical fitness, nutritional choices, and rest. Also, more athletes may indicate a growing level of interest, passion, and commitment to improving game play and technique. As such, emphasis is placed on being strong on the ball during game time (i.e., how to create and maintain personal space while creating plays, not losing the ball).

Advanced foot skills are introduced and mastered at this age group.

We not only teach passing, receiving, and finishing but also creativity which is not taught much in the U.S. Most kids in America are primarily taught the tactical part of the game, which is one reason our American players are not creative on the field. GFT skills will teach you what you do not learn at the club or rec level as they put most focus on the team.

We require all of our staff to complete the North Texas Soccer Association Background Check.


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