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Our Philosophy

Technique and position-specific training should be modeled for young players, as should the leadership skills necessary for success off the field as well. Two years of repetition and consistent training through proper, individualized skills training will have a young player fundamentally sound.

Parents and Athletes,

Skills is becoming a catch phrase – used to disguise additional practice time for repetition, drills, and fitness training. Skill is also misunderstood as fancy tricks that a player performs both in and out of games. Fitness, repetition, and drills are necessary to one’s long-term success in sports, as are healthy nutrition and lifestyle. However, there are two problems with this philosophy: (1) training time can exceed that which is necessary and can exhaust the athlete and (2) skills done in larger group settings can exclude the necessary focus on the athlete as an individual.

Many groups mimic the skills training programs such as those promoted by the U.S. Youth Soccer organization but unless you understand the fundamental components of what skills are, the training is like a builder who builds a home that looks the same on the outside as his neighbor’s home but the inside is missing its foundation and decor.

Skills is being able to control the ball by receiving and passing the ball with different parts of the foot. Skillful players have the freedom to be creative with the ball, getting out of tight spaces while under pressure; they have ball and body control.

In U.S. youth soccer, our players lack skill and are not improving consistently as individuals because they are not receiving the proper training concerning ball touches and individual attention, essential to rapid improvement. One reason many young players are not receiving the correct basic skills is due to there being so many youth involved in soccer across America (i.e. meaning there are parents who are forced to be coaches). Another reason is clubs/teams focus on winning before developing the individual which means time is lost if players do not receive technical training. Ages 7-11 should first learn how to dribble, pass, receive and tackle before learning tactics.

We need to create players first through skills and small sided games before putting them on a 7v7 or 11v11 field. Some players may learn much about the game but not the skills needed to become a better player which is what we feel is most important. The end result of which is youth entering the time frame where the most rapid skill development is possible and should be accelerated but they are behind in their skill level.

While skill CAN be developed regardless of age, GFT has found the challenge of reaching skill development age is for the child to remain motivated and excited about soccer instead of being burned out, which occurs in a large percentage of the youth population due to various reasons. Due to the combination of delayed skill development, variation in personal physical development, and the various personality needs of the kids, an individual may not come out of his or her shell until 16 years of age. By then they have either been phased out of soccer or lost crucial development time.

We have a passion to help the youth develop and want to give them the opportunity to accomplish their goals.  I truly believe that with the combination of GFT and the great competitive atmosphere from Texas soccer, kids today have much to look forward to.

The best players in the world right now are under 26 years of age, while the best players in the U.S. are over 26 years of age.  We take longer to progress due to the lack of technical training in America.  Many fast players do well at a young age, but once they go to college they sit the bench because college coaches want skilled players who can move the ball fast, while many youth coaches want fast players to play “long ball” and score quick goals.

Many smaller skilled players have trouble getting to the next level because they are not strong on the ball and lose it under physical pressure because they do not know how to use their body.  Many super natural athletes have trouble due to their foot skill and timing.  Global Fútbol Training knows how to help each individual player develop.

GFT works on many different styles that we have experienced playing at the professional level in N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia and West Indies leagues.  We also have Pro experience with Indoor and Beach Soccer.  What Global Fútbol Training teaches is great for goalies, defenders, midfielders and forwards.

We look forward to working with boys and girls, young men and women (from elementary kids to collegiate and professional) in the Dallas county, Collin county, Denton county & Tarrant county areas.  Players from all ages and abilities are welcome for both camps and weekly skills training.  For players who want to take their game to the next level, we have many contacts with Universities all around the U.S. as well as Pro contacts and Agent contacts around the globe.

God Bless,

Jeremie E. Piette, Founder & CEO

Global Fútbol Training, L.L.C.

(214) 770-1163


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